Don’t cheat the world of who you are. Express how you feel because you matter. Don’t cheat readers of what your writing because they are listening. Don’t cheat your coworkers of your smile because you spend more time with them than your family. Don’t cheat your partner of saying “I love you” or kissing her or him on the forehead before you sleep. Y doesn’t always equal mx plus b.

Let’s start with the definition. Cheating is to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination. I used to cheat on tests all the time. it all depends on the different points of view on life. Views are multiple and culturally manifests itself inside individuals from all walks of life.


If someone you know gets you a job, have other candidates been cheated? This is called networking. People hire through referrals. There acute to my skills as a professional going counterclockwise because I left a positive impression. If your going clockwise, I suggest you reverse your thinking. Employee referrals are an internal recruitment method employed by organizations to identify potential candidates from their existing employees’ network. Don’t knock on my door if you not Amazon, UPS, or the Post office. Don’t invade my quantum of solitude. Don’t knock on my door unless you bearing gifts following the North star towards the right angle.

Don’t obtuse my writing. You not a straight shooter. Sometimes there will be grammatical errors. I’m writing about thousand words a day. You come up with a piece then let me critique if you missed a period or comma there. I am a work in progress, let things progress. If you want to help let me know in what paragraph of which piece inside what sentence was there a grammatical error? I’m listening.


Is cheating predicated on life being fair? Is being born poor a dishonest act? We cannot be deceived if we are ignorant to the truth. Your birthplace is a lottery. It’s lucky to even be born in America. Being born is a reflex. One of our problems are obesity. America is fat. In essence, America is getting money.  A lot of countries don’t have enough food, yet we always have a cheat day. Congratulations, you played yourself. Tell those little kids in Africa to pick themselves up by the bootstrap and have a cheat day on that burger when there saliva dripping down their lips.

Let’s have more fun. Cheat yourself from having fun. All I hear is I’m busy? What is your idea of success?  What is your plan to get there? How will you succeed? What obstacles will you overcome? Whoa dude, dudette take a chill pill. Lay off the viagra. Life is a process learn to live with a question and an answer will come. Maybe it won’t, but at least you not stressed. I think, i think to much.


In life, y doesn’t always equal mx plus b. We want our plans to be smooth sailing. We want to circumnavigate without preparing to steer for storms and hurricanes. Stay in the game and think some more. Continue to write and read. Continue to use math as a compass into the denotations and connotations of your life. Continue to live with those questions and ask yourself how bad do you want it? How far are you willing to go?  How bad do you want a  life of wonder, curiosity, and excitement? I know where I’m at. Where are you?

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