New Piece:Excerpt Below

We are creating some new material We want to keep the standard of quality and we are hard at work.

Sometimes life happens and how we react is what separates the good from the great. In doing so, here’s an excerpt from a piece I’m working on.

Title Unknown

“He smells the envelope. It smells familiar. It smells of somebody he used to know. A smell of the exterior. There was a woman who loved perfume of a certain smell. This woman would make him yell. That smell. The smell of sunflowers wrapped in a peach blossom. She tasted like honey after hours. She tasted sweet, like peach monogamy. She was all for me. This was years ago, before I was wrinkled and old. When our skin was like pots of gold. When you was soft like jelly and I was your peanut butter essence. That smell. That smell. It can’t be you. You left like a butterfly. I was the caterpillar in the cocoon.”

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