3 thoughts on “Magma 

  1. When I read it without the line breaks I thought you were using the caps because you wanted certain images to jump off the page (i.e. My Key Lime Pie, Shattered, Oozing), but then I thought why capitalize “The”? Then I asked myself, “Why not ‘bread’?” Anyway, my comments were gonna question your usage of caps. As I was trying to figure out a way to compliment you on an interesting flow of imagery, i needed to refer to the piece. I scrolled up and read the poem with the line breaks, Bravo! well done, broskee. The magma is subtly reflected at the very middle of the poem, “My molten lava” and “oozes” out of the poem. The poem turns on this line, the movement is balance by this line. Ganate, Tiguere!


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