Raynier’s House of Thoughts: Margarita

Nothing is impossible. We can walk on a bridge of glass and crash course obstacles. I got the Summer blues feeling tropical with your angelic view.

No baby steps to crawl then walk. Sugar, it’s you I want. Necessary particles to Fall in love was the dream I sought.

Cosmic zone, to sweeten a star and brighten its tone. An hourglass Spring body that continuously stands alone.

Thinking to myself, “How’d Don Julio take your love so soon?”

Nobody reaches perfection but love is certain. One created from working towards the same goal not yet tainted. Margarita, I’m cold as ice. Yet, you crushed me with your Winter breeze on a humid day flowing past sun-rays of light. Blended your beauty with my eyes and now I see you clearly.

You’re there all seasons of the year. El Cointreau, so kind and sincere willing to share your exotic taste. Glorious flavors that savor the tip of my tongue. Strawberry bust, coconut lush, guava love, or a passion dove. I want to feel you inebriate my soul. Chasing love I suppose.


You always catch me off guard. Sneak up on me crossing the border of your voice. Burden of choice, it whispers and then sings me to sleep late at night. Don’t tell me to stop, I can’t but need to let you go. One more kiss with your luscious lips and your salty goal is forgotten.

To hurt me morning after morning but squeeze the life out of me night after night. At times, I remembered our moments and others were a blur in the limelight. I left Mary Jane out of spite to only have you in my sight. I miss our weekend threesomes.

No love lost Margarita.

I have to let you go and console my mind inside a bowl of truth. I failed my heart knowing you finesse everyone else. Rarely top shelf. I can’t keep lying to myself thinking you could soothe my pain. I move forward chucking deuces to you as I stand firm giving my back to Mary Jane.


3 thoughts on “Raynier’s House of Thoughts: Margarita

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