Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of my Blood

I was watching Snoop Dogg on The Breakfast Club and thought to myself this dude is the realist. Now so more than ever, I realize all of that adapting to the audience sounds good, but takes away from your authenticity. If you hood, you hood, If you read, you read. If you do both, you a hood nigga that reads. When I watched Good Will Hunting that’s  every minority in America, who made it out the hood. There are multiple variances that apply to every individual. I’m just saying. Let’s shout out those individuals who identified that self-identity is the first step to success. Let’s look at history. Famous examples are easier because they are in the public eye.

Let’s look at Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg is a father, rapper, actor, and businessman. He  was acquitted of murder in 1996. He’s crip walking in video’s and calling bloods cuz. They blood cousins. He went from 187 on a undercover cop to sexual seduction. He’s notorious for getting high and probably influenced a generation of kids that smoking makes you hungry and happy. The Democrats invited him to the convention and he was blowing it down out there.Now, Snoop Dogg is cooking with Matha Stewart on VH1. Also helping underprivileged communities with youth football leagues. Snoop Dogg hasn’t changed, he’s only grown. He hasn’t adapted to his audience, he has cast a wider net.

self identity

Let’s look at Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart is a businesswoman, writer, television personality, with street cred. She went to jail for insider trading and the inmates called her “M.Diddy”. Inmates who have committed violent acts gave her a nickname to characterize their view of Martha. It doesn’t matter where you are at. You might have one of her sheets, cookbooks, and seen her on The Apprentice. Martha Stewart is a brand. A brand that you respect. She hasn’t changed, individuals see her humanity. Martha Stewart has broadened her scope.

What Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have in common is that they know who they are. They know their audiences but didn’t conform to their expectations.They identified who they wanted to be and what they wanted to do. They are both major figures in the American Dream representing the ability to collaborate. They represent growth at different ends of the spectrum. One is urban, the other suburban. One smokes weed, the other cooks the food. One was acquitted, the other convicted. They both constitute the story of redemption and the dichotomy of the American Dream.

2 thoughts on “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of my Blood

  1. I highly agree as I just happened to be watching the same interview last night. The experiences they have both encountered in and outside the hood. It proves that no one should never give up on themselves and beliefs due to the perception of society. Pushing yourself constantly to excel with exponential growth and meet idols that begin to idolize you. I call that the Wheel of Life for those that fight against the tide and continue climbing the never ending ladder of life.


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