Portraits​, Mirrors, Reflections

Every time I see this painting, it makes me laugh. It makes me laugh because no line is straight, the eyes aren’t aligned, the shape-up is slightly crooked, and there’s an earring on one ear. I look nothing like myself in person. I see a glimmer of hope. I see a smile that doesn’t know how to show teeth. I see a twinkle in his eye. I see a person who couldn’t paint for his life but drew his self-portrait. I did what most people refuse to do. I looked in the mirror.

In the world we live in, we paint pictures of what we want people to see. We paint pictures of ourselves smiling, laughing, and turning up. We paint pictures of our Surface  not our depth. Of our makeup, but not our pimples. It’s no hold bar if one of your friends is looking uggs, but you look fabulous. You throwing them under the bus for likes or clicks. Nice has nothing to do with it when you popping.

When we paint Portraits, the intent is to depict the human you are painting. Ask yourself, who is in the room with you? Who is painting your picture without your consent? Why do you reflect happiness inside of pain? Why do you smile, when tears matriculate inside? Are you eliciting the right response? Would someone trade lives with you? Can someone live without you? Have you looked in the mirror? What do you see? What you’ll see is never what you envisioned.

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