Roar, Roar, Roar. People with big hearts pounding down the door. Rapid fire, rapidly, rattling, ravenous crows galore. Chattering Chit clicking below the floor. Hellish bonds hellacious, hallucinating, Uncle Sam has the cure. Fires burning, brimming in the boils. Your flesh is Nevermore.

Fight, Fight, Fight. The monsters are knocking at your door. A ghost passes the shadowy light, knocking, pounding, a worldly fright. The lonely driver screams at night. Racer X rides down the highway while Uber drivers cower in his sight. His motorcycle roars at night. Uncle Sam, I’m holding tight.

Red and blue emergency kites. Stars and stripes knitted at night. Softly sings. A silent tune. Dripping delight on a dreary sight.Glimmering all I see is flashing lights.Defibrillator Pads. Kites bring thunder to my eyes.

Spread your wings and Fly. Hovering your soul to keep. The wind blowing beneath your feet. A slight push.Mischief crys of Sucicde. 

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