Raynier’s House of Thoughts: Do You Remember?

Do you remember?

The time I asked for help to grind on the streets. I needed a loan to get back on my feet but you denied me the opportunity to eat.

Now it’s me you seek to turn the ground into gold once we step on the dance floor but it was I that showed you didn’t need the streets no more. Put your money here so you could clean there but you were only prepared to keep me under and then you wonder.

Turn down for what.

Its a downtown flow that was found without you, to the victor goes the spoils so what makes think you’ve won when you have no one to look up to.

I don’t wana ride with you in your rental, no need to talk with me about your street credentials. Talking about we should chill but nobody gets to tell me what I should do. We were once a solid crew. Shit, maybe even the three musketeers but I was always the outsider fighting for the last position. The intellect no one looks for when things get good so curbing you all was the right decision.

Do you remember?

You always wanted to fuck my girls but didn’t have a dollar to your name on your birthday. Who was there? I jumped through hoops to prove I was the truth for better or worse. You repay me by smashing my first. That was the love of my life but what do you care when you knew you were a snake in disguise. Blowing up secrets to squads that laughed at your demise. Such a diva. A man with feminine tendencies that doesn’t seem his own destiny wants to be called a friend to me.

Do you remember?

You told me I would never be one of you. You were right, I’m simply better and great at what I do. You’re a rookie in a veterans game always playing the bench. I’m a superstar that shines when life gets intense.

Shot clock ticking.

Three, two, one and there goes the winning shot. I was always the one and can never be stopped.

Do you remember?

You introduced yourself as one of the good guys when I opened the door for you. I seen a man becoming a bitch, of course I had to question you. Shoulders lagging, body slouching but you have no control. A baby cat thinking you’re the hidden dragon, I wonder what happened. Probably a lack of fundamentals during your childhood but I’m not one for excuses. A man that can’t come to his own fruition is useless but the truth is you were probably meant to be born a woman. However, that’d be a travesty to their gender so you’re probably better off as a transgender but even they know what they stand for so let’s create a new one and call you whatever.

I will never forget and always remember.

Please take offense if you believe I’m referring to you so maybe you can get your shit together and make the world a better place. Don’t be a disgrace and fight what you know is great deep inside you. Fight the resistance and enlist in the movement of finally being the adult in the room.

2 thoughts on “Raynier’s House of Thoughts: Do You Remember?

  1. […] One day, my friends and I are chillin talking about things I can’t remember. Maybe we were talking about getting high. Maybe, we were talking about how many bodies we have. Who has more, who has less. Which ones were trash, which ones were bad enough to “catch the hit”. Then my boy says ” Jennifer told me she was prego”. ” What should I do?” Nigga, do a 187 on a undercover cop. You not ready for that responsibility. You not ready for the sleepless nights and it’s not like your pockets is fat. […]


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