Pokemon Go: The Storm of Mischief

As i get older, I realize one man can make a difference. Especially in the world we live in.. We have to fight back against the nonsense. Against the bullshit. If I don’t do it, I don’t know anyone who will. This is why I speak what’s real to me. What I believe to be true. There is so much on social media and people stay lying. If you play Pokemion GO, where are you going?What are you doing? Whose child are you? Why are you 50 with a poke-ball?

They lie about how successful they are, how  “poppin” their lives here. I’ll tell you here and now. I am a boring motherfucker. I work, sleep, and write. It’s just what I do . I have lazy days where I watch Netflix and eat ice cream. I’m chillin with myself. I’ll probably eat some beef and broccoli with some hot sauce. Sit and rub my belly while at laugh at things that are not funny.

In fact, I’m busy being lazy. if you call me, you’ll hear music in the background. I’m all the way up. If Instagram is a liar, I’m going to lie right with it. Someone has to fight the tide of nonsense. The Storm of buffoonery. So now you play Pokemon GO, but don’t have a job? You a clown. Now you find Pikachu, but don’t bring the thunder? You have a red cheeks. You looking for Snorlex, but you haven’t slept?Wake up before your mind is full of mush and your famous for being a nobody with no talent.


Look how cute Jigglypuff is…. I don’t give a fuck about Jigglypuff.

Now, you could put dog noses on your face. You a pet. C’mon can we please wake up? May we have a serious discussion as to why the world is a better place, yet we feel more apart? I guess we don’t. Now you a cat because you have whiskers. Sounds like you eat rats. Why do you want to be something else? When there is only one of you. C’mon get with the program. Take the red pill and enter the matrix. Someone has to say it. If not me, then who? I’m not playing Pokemon because people are actually dying. Like for real, people are getting shot without probable cause and you got a Pokemon team? The thought insults my intelligence, makes my butt itch, and makes some one want to smell my finger. It’s as disgusting as it sounds.


So now you Ask Ketchum? You a cartoon character, but you got bills to pay and Pokemon to catch. You look like a Nintendo for swallowing the bullshit. If you have money, I feel you. You have nothing to do with your life, I feel you. Invest in my thoughts because I’ll make you rich. Now you wanna be Misty and look like Jiggly puff. Abra Kadabra, there goes your time, attention, and focus to improving as a person. Grow the fuck up. Catch some sleep and put something of value in the world we live because we actually need it. We need someone to crash the party of nonsense and fill it with some sense. You feel me?

I used to love Pokemon, but the world turns and times change. I used to love the jiggly puff song, but Nintendo ain’t helping my pockets jiggle. I am older with a high meter for the bullshit. My moral objectivity guides the emotional subjectivity of my heart to create words from the soul. Let’s speak truth in a time of lying.

4 thoughts on “Pokemon Go: The Storm of Mischief

  1. He collects Pokemon while on the go: On the way to work. 6:30 a.m., copped squirtle on Bond and Bowery. 16 hours in, on the way home, 10:30 p.m., he spots a snorlax on the BQE, wishing for some time to snore like that. Sleep is a competition. 1 a.m., double checkin’ SQL definitions. You got 5 hours of sleep? Bruh, I got four. You snooze you lose. Gotta get that Butterfree, dudes out here, pockets butter free. They don’t put that time in. Chicks out here, their minds are thin. Playing mind games. They want more fame, but resortin’ to crying games. I got 5 minutes from here to there, I’m gonna be me. Somewhere between then and now I lay my plans out, my work ethic is raw. He takes that 5 and evolves exeggcute, they call him the exeggutor.


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