No Refills: Why Second Chances Come At A Cost

There are  no refills on the cup of life. You can’t refill the cup of trust once there have been lies. There are no refills in this life. Some things that are said you can never take back. Some actions that are committed can never be undone. There is always a price. There is no refill on time.

Let’s start with the origin of the word, fill. When you fill something or someone you make it full. You put as much as can be held inside the object. For instance, you fill the carafe with wine to serve your guests or customers. You can always refill the carafe with more wine. You can always refill the cup with more water. The cup with more soda unless they charge you 50 cents, which I think is absurd. In essence, you can always refill things that are quantitative. Everything comes at a price.


Quantitative variables are numeric. This means if you order a glass of wine, a standard pour would be about 6 ounces. One bottle is usually about 24 ounces. If you are at a restaurant, you will get a refill for a price. They can measure what to charge and how much. The point is, it isn’t free. Even quantifiable measures aren’t free. This is why they charge because they make more money. Your glass of wine will never be filled to the top. It’s a rookie mistake.

Let’s get to the qualitative. When you hurt someone. When you scratch a lie and find a thief. When you cheat on your girlfriend or partner. You can’t refill the trust you had. You have broken the carafe into little pieces of glass. This is an indescribable  emotion. You can’t quantify the pain I feel in my heart. The ache in my soul. My willingness to smile at a cold-hearted world. You can’t quantify feeling because your emotions are as a vast as the ocean. There is only depth in the darkness of a person who has been hurt.

I have been hurt once. We all have. When my Cowardice shamed me. I became courageous with my words. When I was called ugly. I became brave enough to smile. When I was called quiet. I gathered the strength to speak. When I didn’t have the money to travel. I traveled the world in books. There are no feelings as I write because this is my truth. I walk the world in fear. I have the power to take action in spite of fear. Freedom is fearless and this emboldens my actions. What’s the worst that can happen? You gonna send me back to the hood? I’m already poor. You gonna deport me? I’m at home with myself.

I’m not mad at fake people. They the ones living the lie. The truth will surface in this life or the next. If Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, and Sepp Blatter can’t hide from misdoings. Then who the hell do you think you are? You didn’t die on the cross. Give me a break. No, I don’t want your kit-kat bar. Don’t feed me that bullshit. I don’t need a refill of the nonsense. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I have gotten plenty of refills that equal to second chances. It has come at a price. The price I pay is time. I never got the time invested back. There is no refill on time. When the clock ticks and tock. It only moves forward. It speaks in the language of go. It slows down as your having sex and speeds up if your late for an interview. My life is qualitative not quantitative. You can’t measure my will or grit to succeed. You can’t put a price on my vernacular. You can’t quantify the quality of the relationships we build as human beings. You can’t quantify your life because you only have one. You can only fill your cup once.



9 thoughts on “No Refills: Why Second Chances Come At A Cost

  1. If I could like this post a second time I will. Shame that wordpress delegates approval based on black and white affirmations rather than opting for a spectrum of approval. The truth is, there is a significant difference between a good post… and a great one. Yours, my friend, is a great one. Found your blog and will now follow it diligently. When writing is phenomenal, it deserves to be read.

    Also, if you don’t mind, what theme are you using? I’m looking to streamline my own blog and have been trying to figure out what the best format is.

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    1. I apologize for the delayed response. I want to devote the same time you afforded by commenting.I really appreciate your comment. It lets me know I’m on the right path. i’m using the twenty sixteen theme, but the cerauno theme is a better format for blogging. Then, you can customize using the widgets for your recent posts, categories, and tags for similar posts. I hope this helps and thank you for following the blog.

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  2. Since second chances take up time, a refill isn’t needed for this comment. Life takes a toll on everyone and for you to extend the gratitude of sharing yours is a Great Leap Forward. I am one that looks for light in the depth of darkness deriving from pain I have caused and been caused throughout my life. Your piece has helped me push forward to understand how precious life is and to get it done right the first time so there isn’t need to feel wrong the next time.

    “No Refills.”


  3. […] Then there was Sandy. I loved the movie Grease growing up. I was a hopeless romantic as they flew off into the sunset. She was gonna be my baby girl. My heart. Her beauty would make men fear her. Her perfume would intoxicate their senses. She would always be daddy’s little girl. Maybe, if I was more courageous. Maybe, if I could have convinced her. Maybe, if I still wasn’t school. Maybe, Sandy would have seen the light of day. Her eyes would sparkle my day, illuminate my night. I would warm her cold shimmer. Maybe. There’s no more second chances. […]


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