Black Lives Don’t Matter: Why Protesting Doesn’t Work

You need to vote, vote in the local elections, and vote in the midterm. You must organize, organize, and guess again organize. Protesting does not work because guess what you can vote. You are utterly wasting your time. So now people see you and you bring awareness to your cause. Smart politicians will delay the vote, you will go home. Then they will vote against you. We cannot solve new problems with old solutions. The solution is to organize.

The old solution to protest made sense in the 1960’s because protesting brought attention to quiet areas of America such as Selma. It brought television networks to Selma and made Selma a microcosm of the racial injustice to the macrocosm of colored individuals not being able to vote. It doesn’t make sense now. When you have social media and people are aware globally of what is happening in America from a single video. People forget someone is always watching, recording, listening. This is the new normal. Protesting brings awareness to causes. Social media is a tool that needs to be used in conjunction with protesting in order to institute change. Protesting is a short term gain on the long standing problem of criminal injustice towards the colored community.

The old solution to litigate. Litigating is a face without personality. Nobody cares unless it’s dynamic. Brown vs the board of education doesn’t prevent segregation in your local community. It doesn’t provide funding to underfunded districts. The law has to be enforced  Litigating does not directly correlate to local community funding that can directly affect your present day and future tomorrow. It worked in the 1960’s. It was the beginning of enforcing federal law on state governments, in order for the future generation, us, to realize the benefits we have to vote for our interests. I’m not saying that laws don’t matter because they do. I’m saying that public policy has to work with rule of law in order to impact our daily lives. If marijuana can become legal in certain forms and particular states after thousands of citizens have been arrested for its use and distribution. If we can change our policy on marijuana, then the laws will follow.


A new solution, but an old idea is ownership. For instance, if you open a business in a certain community, you have to invest in it’s success. There are ton’s of nail salons, fast food deserts, and liquor stores in the hood. Where is the money going? If there are still people asking for change, who is getting rich? Who is the adult in the room? I see plenty of children who don’t want to share. Huh? Why are the colored communities in poor health when businesses are booming? They are in poor health because our business owners and landlords are making a profit while we pay them to do a bad job. You look around New York City and see a lot of construction. Let’s build a co-op and own our apartments. Let’s have a board for our own buildings and police ourselves. Let’s win.


Winning requires creating more party’s. We have a two party system in a country full of black, white, and brown. Let’s expand our definition of color to represent our immigrant population as a whole. Why isn’t their a party of diversity? This Republican/Democrat parties creates binary thinking of black or white. Instead, we must diversify our parties because it makes us more tolerant and inclusive of different perspectives constructing a country of colors.  In doing so, we can create factions within the party to simulate change effectively and efficiently.  Let’s elect our community board members. In New York City, did you know they are chosen by the council member? My council member is white in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood. We must create a party, then parley that power within the bigger parties to institute change.

uncle samHere’s an old idea, boycotting. This becomes a new solution when we hold our position and don’t buy that coca cola. Don’t let Uncle Sam scam you for your money. When we don’t buy those Nike sneakers. When we don’t buy those clothes we don’t need. My grandmother always said, you only have two feet. Why the fuck do you need thousands of sneakers?I’m serious, why do you need so much? Wake up, your buying all this marketing bullshit. Boycott the nonsense and empower the local restaurants, community centers, and public parks.

Let’s organize, organize, and guess what organize some more. These solutions are by products of a organized whole mobilizing to achieve a better tomorrow. Let’s do it. I’l write the policy and bring some intelligent friends with experience, who are willing to share their expertise. No, black lives don’t matter unless we make people care. Unless we present a unified whole, nobody will listen.Who is gonna rise from the ashes?What are you willing to sacrifice? Where are your voices? When will we open our eyes? Why are you silent in a noisy world? How far are you willing to go?

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