White People Don’t Get It

The Alton Sterling murder by police is based on fear. There has a been a systematic assault of the black and brown men being policed by Caucasian men from different states in America.  I’m not saying it’s every Caucasian men, but it’s the fear that lives inside of them. Yes, when another black man is killed by police it will be news. News by definition doesn’t happen everyday. Outside of colored men being killed by police, a person of color is always committing a crime on the news.When I watch the news all I see is a colored man caught on camera committing a sexual assault, robbery, drug trafficking, and murder.

If you see this suspect, please call the police hotline. I’m sorry Mr.Whiteman, violence begets violence in our communities. I’m surprised as many people make it out as they do. Who are the people making it out?Women. Women are the ones voting because our men have felonies. The men are being killed by each other because they are suffocated. They see what I see. They are not accepted in a society they helped build. Their education is marginalized, forgotten , and lead infested. I live in New York, where the schools are heavily segregated based on districts. I’m brown and have fought versus the underprivileged resources the board of education has provided to my community.

Mr. Whiteman the colored man has been passed over for immigrants because of our ever growing globalized economy. We are all immigrants sir, why is it that i suffer more than you? Why is it that my tax rates are higher than yours? Why is i that the dunkin donuts owned by an immigrant is not investing in the local community? Do you know how many nails salons there are in the hood? I count at least ten in my ten block radius.

Why is the community board elected by the councilman? Why does a white man represent a colored community? Men make a difference in this world as much as women. Men are easily taken to the street  because they can win on a daily basis. They win when they do get caught. The problem is the game. The game is high risk, you can lose it all in one day. All the days you have beat the system, until one day you can vanish off the face of the earth leaving dust behind you. Leaving a baby momma without a baby poppa and the child living without a father. There is much shame in the colored community. There is heartache. Men fight in wars and to the Victor goes the spoils…

This is the Darkness that lives within all of us.White police officers are scared because they see colored people doing the crime on TV. Police are the law, but the man is pulling the trigger. White, black, or blue, we all commit these crimes. Of course OJ did it. I didn’t disagree with the ruling. I thought it was a glimmer of hope when a colored individual has the resources to fight for his survival like anyone would. Guilty or innocent. Mr. White Police officer, you are the one pulling the trigger. Why is it always you? What darkness lies inside your white exterior?

7 thoughts on “White People Don’t Get It

  1. No, white people don’t understand what it’s like, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those who want to understand, who want to help, who want to make change. By simply saying, ‘you don’t understand’ it does nothing to reconcile the gross disparity in value of white vs. black lives. It further deepens the divide by separating people into us and them. Tell me what to do. You’re right; I will never understand. But I have a black daughter and I see. I worry. Her fight is my fight, so where do I start?

    I hope you see my comments as a desire for open communication and true interest in how to stop this horrific dehumanizing of life. My comments are in no way meant to be disrespectful. I applaud you for speaking the truth and being unafraid to voice what needs to be said. -SEA

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    1. I appreciate your comment. I am no one to give advice on personal matters. I only speak above truths unspoken. You may have a black daughter, but you are undoubtedly white. You may want to understand, but your daughter will be raised in white communities. She will most importantly speak the language of “white” society. She will not code switch. She will not smile without showing teeth because she is nervous. She will be accepted because she comes from the same place.

      I wouldn’t raise any child in the hood, but we learn how to be defiant in the face of authority. We are already separated. I didn’t create America, it’s where I was born. I didn’t choose this reality. It simply is. When you say “it does nothing to reconcile the gross disparity in value of white vs. black lives” we are not the ones pulling the trigger. We are the ones being systematically undereducated, underfunded, and demoralized by a country we call home.

      Thank you for commenting. These conversations help move the needle just a little more Sara Ackerman. Have a fabulous evening.

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  2. I inhale lightly and exhale deeply. It shouldn’t be about color, race, or fear when dealing with the topic at hand. Our blood flows the same and life born from all types of women that have relations with all types of men. However, it does not mean we should strike, disrespect, or look down on each other. In order to create a better world, we all have to put in our greatest efforts to leave it safer and strive for greatness together. It’s not hard to understand reasoning that has been taught by traditions of families that refuse to stray away from this pure disgust and negativity. Individuals choose to not understand so they can believe they are a part of a hierarchy when they fail to do their best. Life is not ours but our bodies and minds are so it is imperative for all to come together as we will never conquer in divided groups regardless of white or black. There is yellow, brown, caramel, maroon but no white or black when my eyes touch the colors surrounding excellence. We are all people and not colors. We are all sisters and brothers when it comes time to help each other. Right and wrong is the simple logic in my opinion that reflects the character of any human being. The drug dealing, shooting of innocent and guilty colored individuals, roberries, and rapings are all wrong doings and those that commit these actions must be held accountable no matter what.

    Preach Sydney. A voice that is not afraid to do better and call out those that do less is a voice that must continue to speak.

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