Can I Better Myself?

Can I better Myself among  the injustice towards my character? Can I better other? If you can stand up for yourself, you will do it for another. Your experience proof to the pudding. You will create a space will people aren’t afraid to be themselves. Where mirror neurons are encouraging the other person to be themselves as they reflect your posture. Energy is never lost or destroyed, it only transfers.

I ask, can I better myself everyday? I can be a better son. A better uncle, brother, student, and observer of life. If not me, then who? Who is going to stand for what they believe in? Who will sit as men take advantage of their ideals? Good men have to do something in the face of utter nonsense or we will be complicit in our destruction. Everyone perceives themselves to be good and that their thoughts are just. What about your actions? What have you done to help your community? What thoughts have you fostered?

If you are a good man then let your actions speak for who you are, not your words. If you are a good man why do you speak with your silence? Why do you hold your tongue? Are you scared? Have you lost your ability to admonish those who disagree? Hold you position! These are my thoughts to anyone who wants to do good in this world.


Hold your position in the face of fear. Do not cower in the face of confrontation. There are no flowers without water. There is no food without death. Do not wallow in the weeds as men and women trample over your good character. If you fight someone, you must hurt them. You must crush them like an orange that sprays acid as it’s mist evaporates. You must step on their throat and make them say uncle. They shall rue the day they crossed your path. You must be prepared. Yes, there are consequences. Consequences are necessary in any endeavor because you will meet resistance. In doing so, you will better yourself.


You will appreciate fear because that means your living. You will feel that pit in your stomach because that is your call to action. My eyes tear as I remember my cowardice in the face of such nonsense. I stayed silent for years. Not anymore. Not today or tomorrow will I stand in comfort as I strive for success. I never forget. I am an original recipe of my spirit. I delicately walk the tightrope of insanity because I can’t bear the pain of injustice. I’m not a judge or jury just a person who believes in a better tomorrow.

I prefer not to use my fist, but my knuckles will scrape your face. Violence is necessary in the face of utter ignorance. So yes I better myself everyday.Yes, I can increase my productivity to achieve my dreams. Yes, I can increase my optimistism by decreasing the negative in my life. Pessimism is healthy , when society robs you of your conscious. Yes I can and will.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes Yes.

This post was inspired by Pleasure.





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