Tourist: How Far Are You Willing To Go

Will you sacrifice everything to reach your goals?Will you travel to unknown lands and reap what you sow? Will you ever cheat and steal to get what you feel is owed? I am willing to work until I can’t anymore. Until the sun shines and the moon cry’s. I am willing to wake at 5, sleep by 12, survive survive survive.

Are you willing to run for the bus, squeeze into the train and go on three interviews in one day? Can’t miss a transfer, there goes your money to eat. A dollar and a dream a Metro-card is a two dollars and 75 cents. What about the return trip? Everyone is trying to make it, but most are complacent. Take initiative, take the lead , everyone eats small fries. Put some hot sauce on my fries. A pure man takes a seat.

My creative juices start to flow as I write, draw, and paint. Did you forget? Wake up at 5, write at 6, exercise at 7, I’m at work by 9. Accomplished my work, my mind is fresh for money to survive. 9 to 5, 9 to 5, at 6 I come alive. Writing pieces to sooth the soul with a story by 7 to enjoy. I’m grateful by 8. Maybe some crackers with some strawberry jam tom nibble on by 9. Brushing my teeth by 10, a thought comes to mind…How far am I willing to go?

Do you see the stars and remember the telescope? Pulling the moon closer, I see it rocks. I feel the pebbles, carve my stone, the hieroglyphics writing my destiny of the world. Still I bounce. As I lay on the beach of my bed, I see Mars and think about Jupiter instead. I think about going further, moving closer, someone open the front door. There is no confrontation unless you not invited.The facade of fear from past mishaps give me the motivation not to relapse. I reign terror on whoever think they better. COME SEE ME.

nothing left

As my eyes dim, my thoughts glitter. I write “I am a Tourist“. A tourist, a first-born generation American, I have no home, no place to call my own. Where do I wanna go? Where do I wanna live? How far are my footprints? My heart bleeds as I feel the rain from the clouds. No one can stop me now.


4 thoughts on “Tourist: How Far Are You Willing To Go

  1. […] Let’s organize, organize, and guess what organize some more. These solutions are by products of a organized whole mobilizing to achieve a better tomorrow. Let’s do it. I’l write the policy and bring some intelligent friends with experience, who are willing to share their expertise. No, black lives don’t matter unless we make people care. Unless we present a unified whole, nobody will listen. How far are you willing to go? […]


  2. […] I was never good enough to be great or bad enough to be good. I was average. I was noticed enough to be someone’s brother or sister.  I may love my family, but I didn’t like the dynamics. I write to change my reality. There was a glimmer of hope. I got better. I let my moral objectivity guide my intuition using words as my compass. I read and read some more. I went places by myself and watched. I became an observer of the world as the clock ticked and tock and I realized how far I was willin… […]


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