Three Phases of Coolness: Solid, Liquid, Gas

Water can occur in three states. It occurs as a solid, liquid, and vapor. As a solid it is commonly known as ice, as a liquid, it is called water, and as a gas, it’s like a mist or steam. This is the first principle of being cool.

2% of the world’s water is locked in the ice caps and glaciers.If your like ice to the world, people will break you into pieces. You don’t want to be locked away from society because you will either break or sink other people in the process. We all know the titanic story. We can’t harden ourselves because it’s easier to stay cooooooool.


Did you forget that about 97% of the world’s water is undrinkable.undrinkable. Most of us have been to the beach, you taste the calories in Orchid beach. The sodium is deadly. This is where the sharks are the gangsters with an a, alligators are placid, whales are named willy, fishes are named Nemo and Dory, where humans can’t breathe under. Water is most dangerous as a liquid because we can’t survive without the freshness. Freshwater is literally life so don’t be salty in society. Don’t be petty. Don’t drown in the bullshit. Be cooooooooool.

This leaves 1% for all of humanity’s needs: agricultural, residential, manufacturing, community, and personal needs. There’re about 7 billion people on earth whose trying to get some of that water champagne. Forget about the Ace of Spades and Cristol, when you could live a month without food, but only a week without water. When there is fluoride in our Poland Spring, Dasani, and Deer Park. It’s better than 99% of the world’s water, which raises your blood pressure and could give you a stroke. So if it comes in a bottle with some extra fluoride don’t be tripping  because we need all the water we can get. Please share some of that good good. Now you chillllllllllllin.

water spirit

Don’t be greedy. We embody different phases of ice, water, and gas at different phases. If 2 hydrogens + 1 oxygen = H2O. Then I have 1 spirit. I’m undefinable, no group can categorize me. No words can express the depth of my emotions. My fervor for life will forever live on in this life and the next. So be cool and stay chillin. Get over yourself.

One thought on “Three Phases of Coolness: Solid, Liquid, Gas

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