The Quality of Competition: Depravity of Food, Sleep, and Excitement


I underestimated the quality of competition in America. One thing I understand is the tug of war. If you have  bodybuilders versus geeks in a tug of war you can only guess who is gonna lose. They are competing on different levels. I don’t associate with people who don’t want to compete in their respective fields. Personally, I prefer competition. Everything is not peaches and cream when you have to feed your family and survive in an expensive city like New York. Citizens and immigrants are depriving themselves of food, sleep, and excitement in order to succeed.



sauced ground beefThere are people who work double shifts at different jobs in order to pay for a place to sleep. These people are not eating steaks at Applebee’s or Del Frisco’s. Forget about Peter Luger’s. No, no, no. They might eat a McPick 2 and ration the combination throughout the day. They probably cook because they can get more bang for their buck. For instance, you gonna eat ground beef three different ways for about three days. Ground beef with eggs for breakfast. Ground beef with lettuce, forget about the taco shells and cheese. Ground beef with one cracker because you gonna save more for later. Individuals are competing for food especially if they have children. Trust me you gonna need the sauce.


no sleep

Who cares about where and how you sleep, when your inches away from drowning. If you lose your job, you might be homeless or sleeping in a shelter. Individuals sleep on the train. They don’t have a bed as their heads bob and weave with the screeches and sounds of the carousel train. Sleep is a privilege when you have mouths to feed and rent to pay. Eight hours? These scientists have jobs and live comfortably while they are trying to create the next Theory of Relativity. Some people are trying to survive. They will sleep when they have to, not when they want to.



Excitement is my favorite. You not gonna be turning up and clubbing when you trying to survive. It doesn’t go down like that. There’s Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and StumbleUpon for starters. I know it’s addictive. I know it’s allure is enchanting. I was bewitched by the traps of social media. I had to deprive myself for months in order to understand how unfocused I was. The details I lacked because of my inability to focus without interruption. Social media put on a spell on me. I felt like Sabrina, but I wasn’t the teenage witch. If you are in a competition for being the most “poppin”, then that’s a game you always gonna lose. You not Kanye West. You ain’t famous. You didn’t put in that work. If you drink these shots consistently, this is how you end up washed without a dryer.

We live in a highly competitive, globally charged world, where individuals are willing to do anything to succeed. When people say “it’s not personal, it’s business”. I call bullshit. There is some relation to personal gain as you compete to secure your legacy in this world and the next. So we need to get our shit together. We need to help each other and forgo the bullshit of picking yourself up by the bootstraps. Trust me someone helped you at one point or another. It’s super duper competitive and individuals are willing to Deprive themselves of food, sleep, and excitement. What are you willing to do in order to meet your goals and follow your dreams? I know what I’m willing to do.



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