Why We Miss Each Other

We have to care for each other. When we miss someone it predicates being with someone who has impacted us. We miss something about someone. Their vitality and the present of their presence. We miss them because they are not there. When there is darkness, we miss the biggest star. When there is light, this person brightens up our day. We miss something or someone because they aren’t there.

When I went away for school I missed my grandmother’s cooking. Why? Because I was eating McDonald’s, I was eating pizza. I was eating buffalo chicken pizza with ranch dressing over it. I was eating refried buffalo wings from the mess hall. It was good, but something was missing. It was missing that feeling of cooking for someone that you know and care for. Cooking is not a business for my grandmother because she does it with love. Love is  a name they give an indescribable because it can’t be pronounced in words.

tres golpe

For those months, I missed my white rice, with red beans, and chicharron de Pollo. This food touched my heart. I was waiting to eat better. I missed the homemade french fries with fried salami. I missed the fried cheese, with fried eggs, and mangu. I’m not talking about the mango fruit either. I missed it because I didn’t have it for those months. I didn’t have the emotion of cooking for your grandson after you haven’t seen him in months.

My grandmother’s cooking is the same love I have for writing.Writing is my Companion. I don’t speak with words every day because I have to listen. My body had to listen to Domino’s, McDonald’s, and wings in order to understand food cooked with love. In order for me to appreciate a grandmother’s love for her grandson. Her medium is food. Mine are words that express my emotions. We love differently.

I’m saying not to write for two or three days. I’m saying 2016 is a leap year. There are 366 days this year. If I don’t write for 66 days, then I will 300 days in the bank. Over the course of a year, I will have written more than most and enough for myself. You feel me? This is my craft. Nobody tells my grandmother to cook. Nobody tells me to write so if I want a break for one or two days then so be it.

You come up with the words. You take time out of your day. You use social media as a tool to express your thoughts to a wider audience. You miss a day from work to be better for the next couple of days. At least they are paying you, you get sick days, vacation times, and holidays. Give yourself a break and take your own advice while I drop the mic.

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