Original Recipes


They gonna tell you get the crispy, extra crispy, you know what get the grilled chicken. It’s healthier. Maybe get the hot wings, the popcorn chicken, why not the famous bowl?

Get the Original


It’s Louisiana made. New-Orleans style “chicken on the run”. They have a spokesperson named Annie.

Keep it official. Get the bonafide $5 box.


They gonna tell you smell like cucumber, shea butter, now they have soap for men. They gonna say it’s award winning. Who makes these awards? Do they live in your skin?

Get the Original

French Fries

It’s made from potatoes. They slice it up and fry it.  They ask do you want truffle, cheese, or bacon. We can’t forget the sweet potato fries. Look man, just cut the potato put some salt and pepper and…

Give me the Original

Mac And Cheese

mac and

It’s made of macaroni pasta and commonly a cheddar cheese. There are all different types of Mac and cheese. It might have bacon, mozzarella, American cheese, buffalo chicken, maybe barbeque chicken. We can’t forget about the Lobster Mac and Cheese. Just give me the elbow macaroni with cheddar cheese seasoned to perfection.

Keep It Official


There are people that will read these 500 to 700-page books. We live in a different world. You’re not Don Quixote, War and Peace, and the Iliad and Odyssey. Hold your horses, there is TV. There are movies. We binge on Netflix. The Gettysburg address was 272 words and it lives 150 years later and counting. It’s not The Bible.

where the wild

Be respectful

 Don’t give me the fluff. Get straight to the point. People have kids, families, two jobs, high rent, bills to pay. Just keep it simple and saying something sweet. Open your mind.


6 thoughts on “Original Recipes

  1. […] Let’s start with the origin of the word, fill. When you fill something or someone you make it full. You put as much as can be held inside the object. For instance, you fill the carafe with wine to serve your guests or customers. You can always refill the carafe with more wine. You can always refill the cup with more water. The cup with more soda unless they charge you 50 cents, which I think is absurd. In essence, you can always refill things that are quantitative. Everything comes at a price. […]


  2. […] New York City doesn’t sleep at night. Crawling under the cars are the true gangsters of the night. They have fat tails and round bellies hunting for their next meal. Hunting for the leftovers of silent restaurants that speak of greed. Restaurants that leave odors’of filth. The slime dripping from the contaminated,corrupted, defilement of hodgepodge animals we put in garbage bags. The bags are black for a reason. No one wants to see inside. We walk until the smell is no more. Odor’s of bones without meat, of macaroni without cheese, the remnants of original recipes. […]


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