Life With Z Star


What good things do I have to say about this app? The only thing that crosses my mind is promotion and money, other than that what do I need Instagram for? The biggest reason why I don’t have a personal Instagram account anymore is not because of Instagram itself but because of the individuals that are taking this mobile app seriously. Before deleting my personal account, I would browse the “Explore” page.

If you do not know how the explore page works let me explain. Whenever someone you follow likes a photo to an open account it will appear on your explorer page. Okay, now back to me browsing. I will notice the things people would double tap for and I began to have no hope for this generation. Instagram was exposing people for what they really obsessed over. I use to notice if I post something with substance I get almost no likes, but when I post a meaningless selfie of me smoking cigar I get thousands of fucking likes. I get it, but then I don’t.


I live a very secretive life which makes people want to know what I do on my spare time or what’s going on in my life. Honestly if you want to know, you’re better off asking because you can never tell by looking on any social media accounts. BUT besides that I’m always telling the truth which people hate. They don’t scroll down timelines to see the truth, they scroll to see fairy-tales, gossip, and drama. This shit really pisses me off.

I personally know people who troll on Instagram just to watch the way other people live, forgetting that humans lie. Half of the time people who flaunt the “good life” are not really living the “good life” or probably hella miserable. Same thing goes for those who idolize others relationships.

Couple hugging, GOALS….



Couple kissing, GOALS….



Couple standing, GOALS….


 Like really? Everything is goals? You don’t know what really goes down behind closed doors. It’s just a picture. The posts that people upload would make anyone think something is wrong with what you’re doing or that something is missing out of your relationship it happens to all of us, even the best of us. Social media is teaching us to compare our lives instead of appreciating what we have, but we have to be a secure enough to know that what we’re doing in our lives is going to pay off. That your time will come and that everything will be great. Don’t mess up your life by letting an app control how you see yourself. And start following some positive, confident individuals who know how to be humble. I promise you they never post bullshit. Struggle


Happy Gramming!

2 thoughts on “Life With Z Star

  1. Preach! All valid facts and I fully agree with the entire piece. I’m an individual that hasn’t had Instagram or been in social media for about 5-6 years and appreciate the privacy of my life as you do. Nevertheless, accomplishing life goals is the way to go while others keep trying to achieve the goals of someone else is how people get left behind. Pluto out!

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