Sydney David: The Second Person

They say mountains, you are interested in the climb. Everyone sees you when you are at the peak. They forgot about the base. What about the pebbles?Rocks?Boulders? What about the incline and the burden on your shoulders? Will you face the slope of your mountains?



On January 1, 2012, Obama is reelected. You don’t vote. In June of that year, you enter the forbidden fruit of Havana, Cuba. One of your assignments is to keep a journal on your experiences. Mangoes are ripe, cars are old, architecture is shady. You are safe. You keep the habit and journal for three months thereafter.

On April 15, 2013, there is a macroeconomics class teaching you Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  while there is a bombing at the Boston Marathon. Your classmate is a woman in a red jacket  and asks if you want to hold it? You do, she smiles, you’re in a relationship. You’re a lover boy. You journal for 4 months. You thought you were G and the teacher gives you an F in Macroeconomics.

city college

On March 8, 2014, a Malaysian airplane disappears. You fly to new heights graduating with your associate’s degree in Business Administration.Your girlfriend breaks up with you. She checked your phone and sees Jennifer, Melody, and Esmeralda. You find an old  accounting journal and start writing. The City College of New York accepts you. You fail your courses and never withdraw.

On February 22, 2015, it’s your brother birthday. He enters Raynier’s House of Thoughts. You take four architecture courses. He gets a promotion. Your GPA is under 2.0. He gets a raise. There is a letter addressed to Sydney David; you have been academically dismissed.Your brother helps the race against the clock.You repair the breach with a letter of appeals. The committee asks to please wait. You are limited to two classes in the fall. You switch majors and start writing comparative literature.

In the spring semester of 2016, you enter the publishing certificate  program. Your interviewed four times in 4 different ways. You get none. You apply for a grant and don’t win. Your GPA is 3.1. Your slope is increasing. You work opening and closing doors. Your smile is a crest that brightens their day.

your the man

On May 23, 2016, you see a video by Dj Khaled. You’re inspired. You open Your past are lessons. Your present is a blessing. Your future is bright. You journal for a lifetime. You’re the Man. Today you write Origin Story.

Your inspiration is Mountain.






3 thoughts on “Sydney David: The Second Person

  1. Today’s obstacles are tomorrow’s lessons. Michael Jordan failed constantly in his life and he is considered the GREATEST OF ALL TIME! The trials are all part of the lessons you’ll need to be successful in the very near future.

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