Raynier’s House Of Thoughts 2


As the stars align, the paths diverge.

A shooting star locks our eyes

Tears rain down from the sky.

Seize the moment.

Love components, non-conformist.


Lend you my heart, it bears interest

loan me your body, parts are lifted.

The wind blows, love crashes. Sandstorms of pain desert happiness.

Mother Nature, hear me roar.

Oceans filled with broken promises, swim to shore.

Palms pressure the right side of your chest, fingers grip your cheeks.

Our lips meet, your heart                                                                                                        skips a beat.

Coughing water

Light reaches the widows peak.

Inhale,                                                                                                                                        Exhale


Baby please, don’t cheat.

Flick,                                          time                                           blinks.

Shoot left,

roll right,                                                                                                        take cover.

Tick,                                                                                saved from a heartless lover.


Blame it on a system left unspoken

Sun shining, simply composing

A solar piece of art with cupid’s arrow slowly approaching.

I got the blues baby                                                                                                                      a black   hole of emotions

Pleading oh no don’t depart


Cold heart.

I surrendered to her sincere touch.

Slobbering over cosmic lust.


Can’t trust, she directed my hand

I felt warmth. Seek,                                                                                                                                        we found sensation.

She stops,                                                                                     lost temptation.



A cursed beauty,                                                                      a beautiful earth

Celestial cravings                    chasing love                                                                      ended this hurt.

Tock,                                             Transformation                                                          only in this universe.


2 thoughts on “Raynier’s House Of Thoughts 2

  1. […] Do you see the stars and remember the telescope? Pulling the moon closer, I see it rocks. I feel the…Still I bounce. As I lay on the beach of my bed, I see Mars and think about Jupiter instead. I think about going further, moving closer, someone open the front door. There is no confrontation unless you not invited.The facade of fear from past mishaps give me the motivation not to relapse. I reign terror on whoever think they better. COME SEE ME. […]


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