Sydney David: Origin Story

There was once a child, who was silent and bright. He could not crawl, speak, or cry. His first words are write, write, write. His mother said right, right, right? He said WRITE, WRITE,WRITE,WRITE,WRITE. Ay Dios Mio she cried aloud! Wondering why her child couldn’t say Mami to her now.

Mami: You sucked on my titties, I gave you life, look at my figure, pounds of fright. I even tasted the milk, it was kinda soy alright.

Narrator: He made a fist and scribbled in the air, words of I don’t care. All the boy wanted were his A,B,C’s as easy as 1, 2,3. His mother did not understand why he wouldn’t say Mami.

Mami: To the doctor we go, this boy needs a platano.

Narrator: They went to the doctor. The child was healthy.The child learned to crawl, he slowly waddled, he had a walk with style. He was able to say things like paper, color, and pen.

Narrator: The mother would sit in a room, rocking her chair, slowly laying on her bed, wondering if her child cared. Before you know it, the child was 2 and not a word of Mami his mother was blue.

Child: I want apple sauce.

Mami: Here’s  some apple sauce and some juice, let me get the paper, pen, and pad for you.

Narrator: He couldn’t write, all he seen on the paper was white, and a pad that looked like a kite. The pen marked his hands blue.

Child: Mami, I Luv you.

Narrator: She smiles, hugs him tight, tears run down her eyes. She calls him by his first name.Sydney.

Inspired by the discovery challenge of Origin Story.



2 thoughts on “Sydney David: Origin Story

  1. […] There was Sydney. He was suppose to be a strong child, a masculine child. I waited and waited for him to come, but he never came. You never showed. We didn’t feel like it was time. My friend had a newborn named Mason. I’ll never forget the smile on his face. The joy he had holding his child for the first time. This moment is etched into my memory because I could have this joy twice. He was 18. […]


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