My First Spoken Word in 2008


It’s something we all have, cherish, love, admire,

Something that changes the way we act speak, and think

Something that we express

Something that can change your life

Something that only you know possible


The way you only know possible

The way of the ones before us and ahead of us

The way of martin Luther king Jr, Malcolm x, and barrack obama

The way to capture a crowd’s attention with one single phrase

The way they paved and chose to be brave



The leadership to make that single phrase your place

The leadership to establish your place wherever you stay

The leadership to even possesses such an attribute anyway


Some voices slither

Some voices roar


One voice stands above all

One thought on “My First Spoken Word in 2008

  1. Was this the first piece you ever wrote? If so, you were way ahead of your then and even further ahead presently. Futuristic thinking is what great minds like those you mentioned in your spoken word nourished for collective betterment in life and society. Much respect!!


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