As the world turns the nominees dwindle

A man feels like Malcolm in the middle

Downtown city of dreams kings of the swindle

Bright lights fast cars promiscuous girls was the issue

Fantasies, skyscrapers they all the same

Content of character compromised for the bread

Pigeons flock spreading your wings

Survival of the fittest is the code of conduct


One hundred pounds of extra flesh

Animals bearing the weight of…this illness

Ravaging and pillaging it’s a sickness

Carousel  around the empty clips

Kids on the merry go round

Cycles repeat

Seesaw ladders will you play with me

Ring around the rosy black death with me

 Horrific things are a speciality

Rebellious acts to impress

Steps for success are ambition and greed

Climbing the ladder of casual matters

An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth

You better not step on the wrong man’s shoes

Best actor award fellowship of the ring

Cops and robbers you better not blink


Guess who reaps the rewards of the game

It’s not who you think let me explain

Duck, duck, goose, your…

Different streets of the fame

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