Please Wait…

Please wait 2

On your life, it’s not that important

On the line, the phone will be right with you

Underground, there’s no signal at this station

On your TV, it will be right with you

For the individuals who cry, they need shoulders


Wait for what…Trust me someone will fill that void. Someone will be impatient enough to take their freedom. They will subjugate your freedom for personal gain. Take you freedom because it’s free. Embrace your struggle because it’s your lottery.

Please Wait

For the elderly, their wisdom lies in steps

For children, they are the sanest human beings

For the book, that speaks your language

I am going to post everyday because I can. It is free to share my thoughts. Everyone has a blog, you are late to the party. Well, this is colored people’s time. At least I made it to the fiesta. I like to write anyways. I’m not going to wait for everyone to read it. Someone is gonna read my character someday. This is not a persona.

Please wait

For the introverts to speak

For the ambiverts that lie in-between

For the extroverts silence

I don’t do this for likes. I don’t do this for popularity. I have waited my whole life for people to see what type of person I am. I will not waver in the face of weak logic. I will not conform to the comfort of tradition. I will not wait for anyone’s approval to be who I am in this world.

Please Wait

For your lover’s smile

For your partner’s touch

For your bed’s warmth together

Start reading what type of shit I’m gonna talk because I’m not gonna stop.This is America, I can say whatever, whenever, however, the fuck I want. My mother always tells me Sydney don’t curse you were raised better than that. I’m sorry Mami.I gotta get this off my fucking chest.

Please wait 3

For your dream job

To live out your passion

Your lifelong career

What do I have to lose? You gonna send me back to the hood. Your gonna banish me into the forest. Start eating bread with ketchup again. I know what that looks like. I’m practical.I’d rather Livestrong than die quietly.

Stand By

For your parent’s protection

For your safety

We will be waiting our whole lives to be ourselves. You have to do the hard thing, the right thing. I write because it feels safe. I am compelled to write because you can’t silence my words. It is my first amendment right. I’m not trying to be fancy or speak in big words. I’m coming from a thick smog of helpless breaths. I write because I am able to inhale my thoughts. Pump life into my words. This is why I like spiders. They spew venom to protect themselves. They sting as a defense mechanism. Words are my venomous thoughts. My tools of expression.

Please Don’t





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