Racer X

South Ferry 5 min

Racer, Racer, Today he takes the red line, the number 1 train going south. The 1 train is west of the Hudson River and east of the Harlem River in between Washington Heights. He walks down 157th street train station. He lives on the road. The Black helmet cupped by his hands shades the black visor from the worries of the wind. #BigJefe embossed on his helmet. He goes down the steps phone in hand. He strolls. He constantly looks left, right, forward. Never back. I duck, tying my laces.

South Ferry 4 min

Racer, Racer looks about 5 feet 11 inches, but feels 6 foot. He wears a black snapback hat with white stitched letters saying BOOBIE. Drenched in an Adidas original tracksuit. He matches. The jacket is a full zip with a ribbed collar, front welt pockets, 87% polyester, and 13% cotton interlock. Over and over his heart beats 70 times through the chest of an embroidered Trefoil logo. The pants are banded at the cuff. A poly blend construction with two side entry welted front pockets. The Adidas trefoil logo caresses the left leg with the signature three-stripe logo at the sides of both legs. It’s a love/hate relationship with Germans. I digress. He grazes the concrete with the concord Jordan 11’s. Ayyyy. He looks Italian his nose is huge. He blows his nose. Ill. The small spotted moles make me think half Cuban, probably in his early thirties. Eyes hazel laminated in the coca cola fizzing red. He rocks a goatee. It had to be two weeks since he got a freshie.

South Ferry 3 min

I feel like MacGruff the crime dog. He constantly looks to see if the train is coming, walking in circles. He waits by the last cart.

South Ferry 2 min

I ask, “What’s your favorite color”?

Red, he says.

The train rumbles and stumbles, screeching sounds.

I think about stop signs, I respond

I only go, he says

So…where are you going?

He shows me a picture of a Harley Davidson.

Racer Racer

Picture from adweek.com

South ferry arriving Flickering Flicker Flick

Somewhere, I ask

Only if it’s fast, he responds

“Stand clear of the closing doors please”

Racer, Racer…

This was the first time he rode the train. The last time on any cart. Racer racer always went slowly until someone going fast hit him. He wasn’t racing, but his daughter didn’t survive the accident. He remains forever alone. Racing…




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