As the world turns the nominees dwindle A man feels like Malcolm in the middle Downtown city of dreams kings of the swindle Bright lights fast cars promiscuous girls was the issue Fantasies, skyscrapers they all the same Content of character compromised for the bread Pigeons flock spreading your wings Survival of the fittest is the code… Read More Carousel

Uncle Sam

Don’t move you’ll hit the floor   Uncle Sam knocks. Dormant waiting for your return releasing the fervor of his lore.It’s me, It’s me.Open your door. The winding tube screeches at night. The clink clink waiting for your restore. The heater whistles, the winds bristle, the shades bang. Close the window sir. Rain seeps into… Read More Uncle Sam

Racer X

South Ferry 5 min Racer, Racer, Today he takes the red line, the number 1 train going south. The 1 train is west of the Hudson River and east of the Harlem River in between Washington Heights. He walks down 157th street train station. He lives on the road. The Black helmet cupped by his… Read More Racer X